Friday, August 25, 2006

The Cult of Martyrdom

Apparently, Hezbollah's victory isn't being celebrated by everybody. A few more like this one and Lebanon could be depopulated. Shiites venerate true Martyrs, who were killed by enemies of their faith, like Imam Hussain, but when you initiate war, I don't think you can claim that.
Politically, however, Hezbollah had to declare victory for a simple reason: It had to pretend that the death and desolation it had provoked had been worth it. A claim of victory was Hezbollah's shield against criticism of a strategy that had led Lebanon into war without the knowledge of its government and people. Mr. Nasrallah alluded to this in television appearances, calling on those who criticized him for having triggered the war to shut up because "a great strategic victory" had been won.

The tactic worked for a day or two. However, it did not silence the critics, who have become louder in recent days.
If only there were more of them among the Muslims. This belief in not speaking ill of other Muslims is all well and good, but when they are damaging the entire religion by making them look like fanatics and murderers.

And, as if to emphasize the banality of their evil, Hezbollah is paying restitution to those who've had their homes destroyed in counterfeit U.S. currency. They call it the "Green Flood."


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