Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Can Conservatives Trust Mark Halperin

He says the right things, but he's also selling a book, and, hey, exposing the liberal media bias has been good for Bernie Goldberg. It would be good to see what an actually fair media would be like. Fox News is OK, but I only regularly watch Brit Hume because he's professional and knows how to tell both sides. The rest of the programming is idiosyncratic. Hannity & Colmes has too much yelling and too many cheap shots. I'm not really interested in most of the cases that Greta Van Susteren talks about. And, while I'm too unsure of myself to invest in the stock market, I like watching Neil Cavuto. He has an interesting and common sense perspective on things and he comes across as a real person. It would be nice if we could see real analysis from every news organization. It should be the real test for a news presenter that he/she speaks to the entire audience, without injecting his own opinions. Maybe if more reporters consciously tried to see things objectively instead of following the little rules and tricks to cover your butt with "critics say" when you're really just expressing your own opinions or you feel compelled to throw something in for "objectivity," or reporting for other reporters instead of the real consumers, the news would be more interesting and compelling, and a lot of them would find their personal views changing from the "us vs. them" model to one where we all care about each other and have integrity in our work, instead of seeking the journalistic community's approval. That's how newsmen and women used to be. They had their biases as we all do, but they were professional enough to keep it out of most of their reporting. Nowadays they all sound like they're aiming a Pulitzers or practicing their novels rather than simply getting the facts. We don't need the snide little spin that infests most news reports, especially as they go higher up on the pay scale.


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