Thursday, October 12, 2006

Culture of Corruption or Politics of Personal Destruction?

If you've ever wondered how long time Senators end up millionaires, here's how. I don't know whether this is unethical or not, but I do think he should have disclosed it in filings with the Senate. To me this is just a demonstration that playing scandal politics is a dangerous game. I admit to a little schadenfreude in light of all the faux indignant clips we've seen of Harry Reid denouncing the President and making specious charges. Bush himself has avoided personal attacks, but has been pummeled regularly and unfairly by Democrats and the media. It's nice to see some blowback every now and then. Reid might have made good investments without the help of his political success, but Hastert recently sold some property in his district at a handsome profit too. Washington is one big glass house, yet nobody seems to have learned to put away their slingshots. How about this for a rule: If you want to be in government stick to governing. If you want to wheel and deal, stay home and make money, but don't do the latter while claiming to be a humble public servant.


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