Saturday, October 14, 2006

Laughing at the Caliphate

Newsweek has a mocking report making fun of Bush for taking the return of the Caliphate seriously. I doubt that it will happen, but Bush isn't using that way. He's using it to help explain what the terrorists are about. They are seeking the spread of Islam as a World Government. They're well on the way in Europe, which has been numbed into passivity by multiculturalism, failure to reproduce and the Lotus dreams of liberalism. Terrorism is a tactic which defies our conventional methods. The enemy is hidden in our midst, and operates in secret. His advantage is not in numbers but in stealth and commitment. Our weaknesses are our lack of unity and denial, and both are on display here:
When President George W. Bush starts using fifty-cent words in press conferences, one has to wonder why, and on Wednesday, during his Rose Garden appearance, he used the word “caliphate” four times.
This snotty little bit of superiority is typical of the media these days--insulting, dismissive, condescending and smug.


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