Thursday, October 12, 2006

Can we borrow that for our platform?

Via Riehl World View, this quote from Christopher Hitchens, who was declared "insane" by Ezra Klein because he disagrees with Klein's view that he is making "threats out of enemies and existential dangers out of garden variety terrorists." What are enemies if not threats? In a discussion about Howard Dean, Hitchens is quoted as telling one of Dean's admirers,
[Y]ou've told me all I need to know. I'm not trying to persuade you. Do you think I care whether you agree with me? No. I'm telling you why I disagree with you. That I do care about. I have no further interest in any of your opinions. There's nothing you wouldn't make an excuse for. You know what? I wouldn't want you on my side.
Rhetoric was developed by the Sophist to be the art of persuasion, without regard to the truth. We are again in thrall to fascination with the means of persuasion while ignoring the whole aim of argument, to discover truth.

Hitchens is profane and cantankerous and I disagree with him on a lot of things, but he is a master of rhetoric who is very interested in what is right and wrong. For that, I admire him.


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