Monday, October 16, 2006

Monday Night Football

I thought Da Bearss were the team to beat, so far, but the Cardinals are mauling then with Matt Leinart at QB. It's only half-time, but Arizon's defense has been amazing and Leinart has passed for two TDs. Chicago has turned the ball over about four times, and is behind by 17-0 with 44 seconds in the first half.

Update: The only game in NFL history where a team came back from being 20 points down without the offense scoring a point. The Chicago defense and their special teams scored three touchdowns and put their team up by one point, 24-23. Leinart then put together a drive down to within field goal range and the Cardinals' kicker missed the winning field goal.

The Cardinals defense deserved to win. They held Chicago's offense to three points and got 5 turnovers. Rex Grossman was inept. Leinart played very well and kept his cool like a veteran, but in the second half, an Edgerrin James fumble was picked up an returned for taken back for a touchdown. The momentum shifted and the Cards collapsed like a house of--well, you know.

Chicago didn't show up until the second half. I guess it demonstrates how good they are that they could win without a quarterback, but you have to feel badly for the Cards.


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