Thursday, October 26, 2006

Why is it only Michael Fox?

There are other famous people who have Parkinson's. Why aren't they all lining up to blast Republicans? Why aren't they all lining up to blast Republicans or at least solicit votes for Democrats? Maybe they'd feel it was kind of undignified to seek the pity of others to benefit a politician, especially when the benefits of embronic stem cell research is pretty speculative. Maybe they're not as sure as Michael is that this research will find a cure, and maybe they don't think that using their illness to campaign for a few politicians is a dignified way of achieving it.

I'm not oppposed to the research, but creating more embryos or using existing "spare" embryos with taxpayers' money is seriously troubliing to people who see these embryos as individual human beings and experimenting on them not that from Dr. Mengele's research. I don't see it that way, but I can see why they do, and I can see why they feel that this practice desensitizes us to destroying incipient human beings to benefit the living, especially in this age of legal assisted suicide, legal abortion test-tube babies, frozen embryos and diagnosing severe chronic illness in the womb.

I don't think it's unreasonable to grant others their beliefs in such matters, especially when the alternative is not guaranteed. Sometimes it gets unreasonable, but we live in an age where babies are born expressly for the purpose of providing organs to a sick relative. Organ donations will always fall short of the demand for transplants. It's only a matter of at what point following fertilization we "harvest" their tissues. If we're only the serendipity of evolution, then nothing matters, but I don't believe that, nor do I think that some of us should use the force of law to make others contribute to what they see as an immoral act.


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