Friday, November 03, 2006

Bush was right!

The NY Hearsay cites "proof" that Saddam was pursuing nuclear weapons, or at least had the plans for one. It thinks it's a huge scandal that the internet site created to make the trove of documents seized in Iraq available to the public revealed some detailed instructions about how to build a nuke, as if having a good set of plans is all that keeps terrorists from putting a few together.

The media's behavior during the past 6 years has been hypocritical and beneath contempt, particularly in light of all their talk about ethics. Our system of training and hiring reporters has brought about the antithesis of what a free press is supposed to do, provide vigorous debate from all points of view. The effect of media cynicism and opposition has caused this country to abandon one war it was winning, and is on the verge to repeating that feat by convincing two thirds of us to believe that the war we are fighting is already lost, despite the accomplishment of nearly every goal we've set. If the news media in the late eighteenth century had been like it is today, we'd still belong to the British Commonwealth.

The woman poised to become the next speaker of the House of Representatives has claimed that the only battleground against terrorism can be in Afghanistan. I'm sure that Al Qaeda will be glad to know that it's efforts to prevent a majority ruled republic in Iraq doesn't count.

America is at a tipping point which will determine whether we continue to be a force for good in the world or just settle in for the decline of our society, beliefs and values as we glut ourselves on everything our ancestors have made possible.


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