Thursday, July 15, 2010

There's that Carter comparison again!

Politico on the passage of the Financial Regulation bill:
Thursday’s passage of financial reform, just a couple months after the passage of a comprehensive health care overhaul, should decisively end the narrative that President Barack Obama represents a Jimmy Carter-style case of naive hope crushed by the inability to master Washington.
I'm beginning to think we need to reduce the presidential term to 2 years.

Meanwhile, businesses sit on their cash instead of hiring workers because they're uncertain of what the Dems will do to them next. The WaPo plays it as evil corporate greed, echoing Obama's anti-business rhetoric. Of course, he has no real answers for job creation if trillion dollar deficits aren't doing it, and businesses are thinking that this crew could literally bankrupt the country directly, or by inflation or higher taxes. Until they know what to plan for, they're not going to start hiring again.


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