Monday, July 12, 2010

Walter Russell Mead notes that whatever the truth about human-caused global climate change, the real Big Green Lie is the suggestion that these are the people to follow:
The core green problem is about the credibility of its policy proposals and the viability of the political strategy the big green groups pushed to enact them. Climategate and Glaciergate did not cause the collapse of the green agenda in Copenhagen and they are not responsible for the global decline in green political fortunes since then. Both the greens and their opponents need to understand that the reason that the Great Global Green Dream is melting lies in the sad truth that whatever the scientific facts of the matter, the global green movement is so blind and inept when it comes to policy and process that it has deeply damaged the causes it cares most about.
The old arguments that economic collapse caused by adopting the Green agenda wouldn't be all that bad or that it could be offset by green jobs, have been gainsaid by experience.

The truth is that the Democrats don't know how to create jobs other than by hiring people to work for government, but we're coming to the realization that government doesn't create wealth. It only runs on wealth generated by the people who pay taxes.

UPDATE: As I thought more about what Mead is saying, it occurred to me how much energy, money and time are wasted by all the conferences, panels and publications, legislation, manifestos and other time wasters that seem to be the primary way in which movements, such as environmentalism, feminism, multiculturalism and the fads that pass as planning. Generally all these things would take care of themselves if we let them work themselves out from the bottom up. There are exceptions, of course. Slavery, American segregation and South African Apartheid would probably never have budged without intervention, but the destruction of these evil doesn't make them the model for all future society, which can be worked out through market principles in a much more efficient and less disruptive manner.

Instead the Civil Rights Movement combined with an older revolutionary strategy of marches, demonstrations, and violent confrontation seems to have become the model for the left to obtain its goals regardless of what the majority wants. Does anybody want to host G20 Talks anymore, after the repeated clashes and destruction by anarchist criminals, who seem to cow even the police in the cities hosting these talks. Add to that the tactic of by-passing the political process by obtaining political goals through the courts, academia and press, where they get foisted on society without the debate, give and take and discussion that should be part of change. This seems confine itself to an intellectual elite, whose high-minded imaginations never seem to work in the real world. But never fear, they'll always be willing to go back to the drawing board and hand down new schemes for their inferiors, ignoring the equality of mankind and the right to have a voice in society.


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