Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Fox News has called Indiana Governor for Dan Coates. A Republican pickup.
Fox has also called Kentucky Senator for Rand Paul. A Republican hold.

Special Report concluded with a comment by Charles Krauthammer. He described this election as a "comeuppance" for the Democrats due to their arrogance and condescension toward the citizens of this country and toward the Republicans. I wouldn't describe their attitude as condescension; more like dismissal. The grassroots self-organized and came out to tell them to stop and the Democrats wrote them off as ignorant rubes, "astroturf," and somehow illegitimate (violent, racist, funded by foreign money, etc.) I hope it sinks in enough to persuade Congress to extend the so-called Bush tax cuts, but I don't expect it to. More likely, the lame duck Congress will echo Clinton's last minute pardons, with which he gave the nation his middle finger and paid off some unpaid political IOUs. Look out for Cap and Trade. The efforts of the President to rekindle his 2008 magic have fizzled. We've seen that trick before and he's suffering from over exposure as he has flailed and made more false promises. His lap dogs in the media have less bark and even less bite.


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