Saturday, December 18, 2010

Things were going so well for the Democrats.

Then democracy happened. America has weathered some terrible crises in the past. Maybe it will weather this one, but it won't be by treating voters like peasants and belittling them, or by making deals and bills in back rooms without disclosure or debate from the people. If and when Republicans did it, they got punished. But Congress has put off important business and then tried to push throw even more pork and a treaty no one has even been able to read and discuss with the excuse that time is running out. Well, it's not running out for Republicans. They seem to have listened to the message of November 2. They know that independents and angry conservatives will be watching, and so far they seem to have grown a spine.

I don't know who's to blame for the current sorry spectacle, maybe the dithering White House, maybe the Congressional majorities, maybe both, but if this "hide the ball" strategy was intentional, they deserve to be banned from office until Obama, Pelosi and Reid have gone the way of the dodo. And any Republican who gets too big for his britches will find that he or she can be replaced. There are lots of people who contributed to the financial and housing crash, but the focus now must be on Cutting spending, getting government out of free markets and generally limiting its role to those things only it can do. That means that a lot of people who squandered their opportunities for education and honest work may suffer. If they are truly deserving of help, let it be private help that aims to rescue, rehabilitate, uplift, and show them a better way to live, none of which is government's job nor tasks for which it is equipped.

Babylon on the Potomac and it's outposts in California, Michigan and other states who didn't get the message or are under the control of corrupt unions is going to fall. Will it be a controlled demolition or a catastrophic one is the question before us now. Those who trot out the same old pork and pony show are going to find that the spell is broken.


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