Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Will I ever catch up?

Neologism: lulz a corruption of LOL or just why you do anything stupid or funny--"for the lulz" What was wrong with "for the hell of it," I don't know, but I have noticed a distinct change in the sense of humor among people under 30. A lot of what is thought funny just seems pointless and stupid to me. I guess that's lulz.

I can't say why "The World's Dumbest . . ." videos or the headlines Jay Leno shows make me laugh, but they do, just by the surprising incongruity of what you see. Sometimes they're just the true life slapstick that we've always laughed at. Just as being embarrassed makes us laugh, maybe it's vicarious embarrassment for other people who attempt stupid things and fail. You don't want to see people get really badly hurt, although sometimes you wonder how they didn't get killed, and sometimes you feel that bad road rash or a few broken bones are well deserved, but you don't laugh if the person looks permanently crippled or dead. Why do people try to slide down hand rails on their skateboards? For the lulz, I guess.


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