Friday, June 03, 2011

What are the Dems thinking?
In the recent budget talks, Democrats have whined about Republicans not agreeing to raise taxes as part of a budget deal. But the Republicans have put up plans, serious plans, to cut spending, debt and deficits. What have the Democrats produced? Nothing.

President Obama issued a do-nothing, status-quo plan in February that even members of his own party took as a joke. It was voted down last week 97-0 in the Senate.
Why are they sitting on their hands? They're obviously holding out for higher taxes, either by the GOP giving in or by the expiration of the "Bush Tax Cuts."
In other words, their ideology is more important to them than reality and common sense. Usually, it's the safe seats who lead this sit-down strike. So the thing to do is unelect all those in unsafe seats, and put fear in the hearts of the old guard who think that logrolling and pork barrel spending is how you "serve the people." "Serving the People" should not be a cook book.


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