Saturday, August 13, 2011

The Article VI blog has been focused lately on this piece on Politico, "Obama Plan: Destroy Romney." There are a lot of great links to follow up. Basically the plan is to portray Romney as "weird" which is code for "religious and a Mormon." It's the same line they will attack Bachmann or Perry with, except it will be "religious and an Evangelical." They'll accuse them of being bent on establishing a "theocracy" twisting it from it's original meaning of government by God, to government by the clergy, which is what Islam is, fundamentally.

Let not anyone think that if they succeed in destroying Romney, that other Christians won't be next. I admire Romney for his academic and real-world performance, as well as his proven judgment and skill in managing businesses, government and non-governmental organizations. There are others, like Tim Pawlenty and Herman Cain with similar qualifications, who are good at delivering the conservative message, but you'll notice I'm not supporting Jon Huntsman, who is also LDS, much less Harry Reid.

I've been disturbed by the scurrilous attacks on Romney, mostly because they are so flippant and uninformed and I would hate to see the GOP casting aside a leader of such quality, but also because it plays into the hands of the Democrats, as any division among Republicans will do. Angry conservatives who are still angry at Bush should examine Romney's real record and his statements in this election carefully. They'll find a man intent on keeping taxes at or below current levels, repealing Obamacare, reducing the regulatory burdens on businesses, restoring fiscal sanity to Washington and improving the economy so that much of our deficits can be cut without increased tax rates. He knows that the primary unifying idea of the tea party movement is to roll back the huge deficits. He'll have a big sales job to convince people that reforming entitlements can be done, because people refuse to see reason when their own benefits may be on the chopping block. That's why it's especially important that we not allow Obamacare to complete its implementation. It's a pit trap we must avoid if we ever hope to return to our independence of the federal government.


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