Friday, August 05, 2011

Read James Taranto's fisking of Jacob Weisberg, invoking science to support his political beliefs. Economies have been running just fine before governments intervened and decided they had to be centrally managed.
President Obama is trying to push a jobs agenda. But for the federal government to spur growth or create jobs, it has to spend additional money. The antediluvian Republicans who control Congress do not think that demand can be expanded in this way. They believe that the 2009 stimulus bill, which has prevented an even worse economy over the past two years, is actually responsible for the current weakness. . . .

Some of the congressional Republicans who are preventing action to help the economy are simply intellectual primitives who reject modern economics on the same basis that they reject Darwin and climate science. (Italics mine)
Claiming intellectual superiority is a very old sophistry, perhaps the earliest one, but it really wears thin when you think about how the Dems sold the first Stimulus Bill and all its shovel-ready jobs.


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