Monday, September 19, 2011

Greta Van Susteren raised hell over a piece in The Daily Caller, whose editor is Tucker Carlson, which reported some horribly gross remarks Mike Tyson made involving sexual violence toward Sara Palin. Carlson added a note to the story indicating that the intent was to demonstrate Tyson's neanderthal mentality. Not good enough for Greta.

So tonight Carlson appeared on Greta's show and it got really heated. Greta's a trial attorney and Carlson is a veteran of CNN's Crossfire program. It wasn't pretty and it resolved nothing. I could see both points of view. I didn't think that the DC was condoning or advocating the demented ravings of Mike Tyson, but I didn't see that they had enough news value to bother reporting on. But what a shoutfest.


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