Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Mugged by Mythology: Liberals believe the darnedest things. It's a good example of how the left's propaganda mills operate. If someone points out a problem, blame it on them.

Well, so conservatives believe their own myths sometimes. All you can do is learn critical thinking, watch out for fallacies and sophistries and keep trying to think things through for yourself. One of the big stories today was the bellicose rhetoric from James Hoffa, head of the Teamsters Union (Who knew they had an aristocracy?) attacking the Tea Party movement. They're running scared after losing in Wisconsin, but it seems like the only thing unions like this understand is bullying, intimidation and an irrational sense of being put upon. From what I've seen of their literature and their political practices, they no more represent the working man than any mobster does. They're true thugs, from their mode of speaking to their tactics for delivering elections for their preferred party. They don't believe representative government unless it represents them, and muscling people to get them in line is never far below the surface with them.

Unless others stand up against their greed and violence they'll just keep bleeding the country dry. Anyone who makes a deal with them has sold his soul and good luck getting it back.


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