Sunday, October 30, 2011

Doug Mataconis gives a reasonable rebuke to George Will's assertion that Romney is the GOP's Michael Dukakis. I've gotten fed up with George Will's sneering opinions in the past, particularly when he criticized the nomination of Harriet Miers because she was not a "leading light" of law in the U.S. What a loathsome elitist attitude for a supposed conservative to have! Anyway, back to Mataconis:
I tend to disagree with Will that a Romney candidacy would really hurt the GOP down ticket. Whatever one might say about Mitt Romney, the prospect of being able to defeat Barack Obama and take control of the Senate is going to make it hard for even the most bitter Romney-haters on the right to stay home from the polls. When it comes right down it, they want to win and, presuming that Romney placates them with an exciting Vice-Presidential choice (although one that is hopefully, for his sake, more competent than John McCain’s choice in 2008), they’ll show up at the polls. Some will point to GOP turnout in 2008 as evidence that nominating “squish” will keep Republicans home from the polls, but that analysis misses several key differences between 2008 and what we’re likely to see in 2012.
Read the rest. With all his supposed liabilities, Mitt's intellect is not one. He's proven himself in business, the Olympics and in government. He's no squish, and conservatives will be surprised, if they ever pull their heads out and recognize that all the things he's changed his mind on have been in the right direction. With Perry hinting at sitting out the debates and Cain talking about less press availability, Romney may be getting more chances to make his case. But I'm nothing if not pessimistic, Ron Paul could be the next one to surge.


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