Tuesday, November 22, 2011

In the debate tonight, Gingrich gave the most stellar answers once again, and the applause suggested that the audience thought so too. I think Ron Paul really looked stupid with his harping about how the legal system worked so well in the Timothy McVeigh case when Gingrich answered that McVeigh succeeded in his act of terrorism, and proceeded to argue that we can't afford to let terrorism succeed and then rely on our ability to catch and punish the terrorists. Mitt gave good answers, but wasn't as smooth and eloquent at Gingrich. Cain and Perry both answered by repeating what they've said before, and not particularly impressively. Santorum and Bachmann were passionate, but really didn't say much to impress us. Ron Paul had flacks in the audience as usual, but when he talks about cancelling the war on drugs, I don't think most people were buying it. Cain was well prepared for the question about enforcing the borders, but the old zing just wasn't there anymore. All of them except Gingrich sounded like they're tiring of these debates, but maybe that's just me. Gingrich loves to drop names of all kinds of new proposals, like the "red card" idea he referred to, but this one sounds a lot like the amnesty he helped pass in the 1980s.


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