Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Is Gingrich a Conservative? I'd say yes. I don't believe there are any Republican liberals anymore in the mold of Nelson Rockefeller. But it seems to be a favorite game these days to call other GOP voters and candidates "RINOs," for no other reason that they consider anthropogenic global warming a real possibility. Yes, the science is flawed, but I don't think anybody knows enough to say it doesn't exist, either. The real question is what we should do about it. My view is that there isn't much we can do in the direction Al Gore wants to go, because it would cause economic catastrophe, which we have plenty of already. Mitt Romney has already set a priority on achieving energy independence in the U.S., i. e. developing our own resources, yet he gets called a RINO because he allowed for the possibility that AGW is happening. His answer to it would probably be to continue studying the climate and technologies for dealing with it, but not setting our hair on fire and running around screaming. Newt Gingrich is as much of a conservative as anyone. Otherwise he wouldn't be getting so much enthusiastic support now. He's not my first choice as a candidate, but I'd have no trouble voting for him against Obama. The reason I support Romney is his experience in business, finance and executive public office. I'd be unhappy if Ron Paul were the candidate, because I don't think he could beat Obama. Right now I'm doubtful about whether Herman Cain or Rick Perry could win either, given their recent gaffes. Herman Cain is right to point out that the President doesn't have to know everything because he has lots of advisers and appointees to help, but he does have to be sharp enough to handle press conferences, and Cain's choice of advisers in his campaign isn't particularly reassuring. I think that Perry is doing better, but I don't know if he can get back the points he's lost. Santorum and Bachmann have peaked, but I could vote for either one. The point is that all of them, except perhaps Ron Paul, are conservatives and true Republicans, and calling any of them RINOs does no good for the country or the party.


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