Saturday, January 14, 2012

Andrew McCarthy former Giuliani and Romney supporter,
[T]he choice in a nomination contest is not candidate A versus one’s ideal nominee. It is candidate A versus candidates B, C, D, et al. On that score, the contest was no contest — Mitt was easily, in my mind, the best remaining in the field.
That, of course, is not a stirring endorsement. I don't believe that "Romneycare" is likely to be pursued by Romney were he to be elected. I think the animus against him over it is overblown. I don't believe he is committed to it in principle, but in the context of Massachusetts, he saw it as the least of a bad choice. His decision to be honest about it is much more respectable than the pretense of others that they were always averse to any hint of a national solution ot the steep rise of healthcare. His current approach of undoing the interruptions of the doctor-patient relationship with employers, insurers and care providers pulling in different directions and leaving patients out of the loop makes the most sense to me. Allow medical savings plans and allow providers to negotiate prices with medicare patients, otherwise leave it up to the states and their people.


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