Monday, January 09, 2012

Newt should be renamed "Spite" GingrichI expected him or his superpac to launch attack ads against Mitt Romney, but these attacks on his business at Bain Capital, calling him a corporate raider, and accusing him of making millions by putting people out of work, are the same ones Ted Kennedy used to attack him, and will undoubtedly be used by Obama if Romney is the nominee. This is expected from a Democrat, but not from a putative conservative. Huckabee used a subtle version of the same populist attack in 2008, basically attacking Romney for making a lot of money, as if but for him and his company those companies would still be going concerns and those people still enjoying their benefits and paychecks. The way Bain Capital made money was by investing in an underperforming company managing it to increase its stock prices then selling the stock at a profit. Sometimes these companies went out of business, but more of them became more profitable. If they didn't increase the stock value, Bain Capital lost money. And the startups funded by Bain Capital created hundreds of thousands of jobs, just as Obama claims to be doing with his stimulus and proposed tax increases, but not at taxpayers' expense. There are truly predatory CEOs like "Chainsaw Al" Dunlap, but I seriously doubt that Mitt Romney was one. The idea that conservatives would adopt this stance against the only one left in the race whose main career was in the private sector creates massive cognitive dissonance and plays into the hands of Obama..


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