Thursday, January 26, 2012

I'm not surprised that So. Carolina went against Mitt but I didn't think they were this insane. I expected Santorum to do much better. After thinking over the Thursday night debate and hearing the highlight slam on the MSM, particularly John King's question, had hoped the voters had be able to see the difference between applauding that answer and the kind a general election winner would make. The Democrat commentators were overjoyed to see Newt do so well in South Carolina, and how gullible these people are to think that he h will ever get to beat Obama in a debate. As I've said, he's pursuing a scorched earth against Romney, but he's never going to rise above these statistics. As Brit Hume noted at the end of the Fox News coverage, GOP candidates running for Congress will look at those unfavorables and won't want him on the ticket with him. Of course, the tea party might be unable to see that. Sarah Palin's endorsement of Gingrich for any reason destroyed any respect I've had for her or her political acumen. They might just be as crazy as to believe that Sharon Angle could beat Harry Reid. You can't win by excluding part of your party. The more I see of these "RINO" radicals, the more I feel like this country's future and my wife's, sons' and grandson's will be sealed. [The foregoing was written on Saturday night. Today is Wednesday. Mitt seems to be gaining on Newt in Florida and may win on Monday. I think people who thought Mitt couldn't fight are finding out different. Also, both times Newt has surged in these primaries, the conservatives who have watched him and worked with him over the past 20-25 years have spoken up in the press and knocked him back. A lot of conservatives, especially in the tea party movement, want someone with the Sarah Palin spunk, a Sarah Barracuda. They turn up their noses at someone as polite and detail oriented as Mitt Romney. They assume he'll be too meek, but they have to remember that he got rich by analyzing, identifying weakness, persuading others about his ideas, then making changes in the management of an organization sometimes over the objections of the old management, negotiating with suppliers and unions, which is one of the reasons he is such a threat to Big Labor.]


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