Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Kimberly Strassel gives Romney faint praise as "Mr. Good Enough." He's been so demonized by conservatives mostly in a whispering and blogging campaign calling him unprincipled, dishonest, and worst the author of Obamacare, that I wondered if he could stay among the leaders. In the end, after others have risen and fallen in succession with Santorum finally getting his surge in the last several days. I've been a loyal supporter, because I value competence more than charisma and bravado. The main endorsement that mattered most to me was that of Rep. John Campbell of California's 48th District. Himself a CPA and a businessman, he sees the value of Mitt's skill set in our current debt and spending crisis. Those who claim to care about conservative values most have been some of the most vicious in denouncing Romney as a liberal, a socialist, a liar, and so on. He's probably the best expert we could hire to bring our finances into balance and reorganize our dysfunctional government, but as so often happens, he'll do it over the objections of the deluded.


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