Wednesday, March 14, 2012

It's about keeping Mitt Romney from winning. That's Newt Gingrich who has, in Charles Krauthammer's words, been in full Ahab mode since Mitt Romney denied him his cream of stepping into the White House after his initial surge in Iowa. (Can it only have been January?) He indignantly called Romney a shameless liar for the ads the super-PAC ran against him. Yet until his losses yesterday, he was continuing to tell us that he still thought he could win the nomination, and even now, he thinks that all the state primaries will be over in June without any candidate having 1144 delegates and then "we'll have a conversation about who would be the best candidate to represent us in the election." In other words, he thinks he can persuade the delegates to abandon their commitments and select him, the third place winner. There's an old joke that a neurotic is one who builds castles in the air while a pscyhotic moves in. To hear him talk, Newt sounds like the latter. And Santorum is still doing so. His own attacks on Romney become more vicious and personal as his hopes to overtake him in the delegate race grow more and more untenable. As if to double down on his bet, Santorum has now favored statehood for Puerto Rico if it adopts English as its official language. Maybe I'm reading that wrong, but it doesn't seem like it would help win delegates there.


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