Friday, February 21, 2003

LGF reminds us that yesterday was the anniversary of Danny Pearl's murder, and recalls the "blood-dimmed tide" of hatred and racism. A recent article in the Atlantic Monthly says that everyone alive today is descended from everybody who lived a thousand years ago. So this is sibling rivalry gone insane. A lecture broadcast on the UCTV channel recently explained that one cannot determine race from DNA. Certain markers can be traced back to certain areas, but they seem to be present today in similar percentages in all populations. So, if the Jews are "sons of monkeys and pigs" then so are we all, but radical Islamists seem to more in touch with that part of their ancestry.

I read this piece last evening from The Weekly Standard about Reda Hassaine who tried to help the Brits nail Abu Hamza, and their bungling and stupid laws. Hamza gets special protections because he's a naturalized British citizen, but Hassaine who has served undercover for both French and British antiterror agencies, helping them build cases against Hamza and Abu Qatada, is denied promised citizenship in France or promised asylum status in Britain. He's a different face of Islam, an Algerian who saw many of his friends murdered by radical Islamists. The author of the story, Jake Tapper, observes that far more Muslims have been killed by these groups than non-Muslims. ""My best friend--" he starts to say, then stops. He grows quiet and looks off in the distance. Tears well in his eyes. "These people want to destroy, not to build. They have nothing to offer. They offer 'paradise.' The Wahhabis--they killed Islam."

Hassaine has risked his life for years assisting police and intelligence agencies infiltrate terrorist groups, but has been used and discarded by western governments. His story is horrifying, but it fills me with admiration for him and contempt for the British and French bureaucrats.

Meanwhile, airports delay passengers and confiscate fingernail clippers and say they are protecting us. My son just flew from Boston to Omaha carrying a pocket knife he forgot to leave home without it being discovered. We are being harmed by political correctness and CYA practices (cover your ass), as well as the useful fools demonstrating constantly to comfort and aid Saddam Hussein

There should be a new national or international medal or other award honoring heroes like Hassaine and others who demonstrate courage in the war against terror.


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