Friday, July 29, 2005


I'm trying to figure out the relevancy of memos written during the Reagan administration. Ted Kennedy says the memos that haven't been released are "vital" to evaluate Roberts. How does he know whether they are or not if he hasn't seen them?

Here's an idea. Just ask for all material that will make it harder to get him confirmed. Since all the Dems are really interested in finding some dirt to throw at him, why not just admit it and ask for it. No matter what they claim, the real reason they're sputtering is that they're opposed to him because Bush nominated him. That's all any of their contributors really need. The problem with it is that it makes them look like what they are, hypocrites. Fox had a clip this evening of Ted Kennedy when his hair was black and his voice was higher opining that the Senate had no business asking nominees about specific cases or issues that are likely to come before the nominee if he/she is confirmed.


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