Monday, August 29, 2005

Is there intelligence at the Times?

It's pretty predictable that the NYTimes would jump on a chance to both bash Bush and condemn open-mindedness in one swat. Scientists are always denouncing intelligent design as not being real science. In other words, real science doesn't allow for any explanation that implies a creator, designer or supreme being. Science does accept intelligent design whenever antropologists find stone tools, apparent campsites and middens. They don't think these things just happened, because they don't have a fossil record.

But what if there is, in fact, a creator-designer-prime mover? Will they ever be able to get to the correct answer? Advocates of ID argue that the vast complexity of organisms on earth, along with the ever-amazing mechanisms within them argue persuasively against their origin through blind chance. The answer is "That's not science."

I get suspicious when people start getting angry over someone else's questioning their views. It indicates a sense that they aren't all that sure of their own position. I don't care if they believe in ID or whether it's taught in schools. I'd just like students to be taught to keep an open mind about everything in science because many of them are likely to change during their lifetimes. Last night I watched a program about Saul Perlmutter and his discovery that the universe is not just expanding but that expansion is accelerating, and how it flabbergasted cosmologists and astronomers, including Perlmutter and his team. Think of the things we have found out in the past century, that beggar common sense or what scientists believed. Quantum physics, relativity, the existence of galaxies other than the Milky Way, buckballs and bucky tubes, integrated circuits, lasers, black holes, and so on. The SETI project is supported by a lot of scientists, but I imagine that they won't find anything until they discover some medium of communication that hasn't been imagined yet and which other advanced intelligent sources are using instead of light, radio or whatever. Of course that isn't science either.


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