Friday, September 30, 2005

Why delay the necessary?

I guess the GOP has to oppose the bald attempt by Democrats to depose Tom DeLay by extra-political means (is anything really beyond politics?), but I wouldn't mind it much if he declined and lost his next election. He has engaged almost defiantly in behavior that is just offensive to voters who see the influence of money in politics as at best as a neccesary evil. You may have to play some games to win in politics, but you don't need to enjoy them so much.

This is the plot of the Andy Griffith movie, A Face In the Crowd, but it occurs so often that it's become a cautionary fable, like the tale of the fisherman and his wife. DeLay should drop the "Democrats do it all the time!" defense and leave it to his attorney. It sounds too much like he thinks that acting like a Democrat is acceptable behavior.


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