Saturday, April 15, 2006

Bankruptcy can't come too soon.

The NYTimes is now getting snippy with the WaPo. The editorial board's lack of objectivity is on full display and pathological. This is the result of the view that the press is supposed to be adversarial with those they cover, being promoted in our schools of journalism. It practically forces reporters to become obnoxious and unfair, and excuses breaches of civility and outright dishonesty.

The press has lost the trust and respect of a very large proportion of their supposed audience, as the string of media scandals over the past few years demonstrates. The Times is still trying to make a logical impossibility into something corrupt. The president declassified information that was being loudly and irresponsibly promoted by the angry press and Democrats, and they want us all to view it as a violation of national security. Except that their whole case, based on the "Bush Lied!" battle cry, is falling apart, and the Times is reduced to being shocked, shocked a phrase that turned out to be merely ambiguous.


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