Saturday, April 29, 2006

Is this the shakeout?

Donald Sensing seems to think that consolidation of blogs is the future. I guess that's true, if you're doing it for the ad revenue. It certainly relieves the pressure to come up with polished posts several times a day or week.

I don't read WOC all that often, though, because its posts are so long, and I usually don't need the degree of argument they contain. This is probably a good thing for Sensing, whose style has always fit this kind of thing. People who put a lot of time into their posts do well in group blogs.

I'm always amazed at the amount of output from Instapundit, considering all of Glenn's other interests, but that's what makes him popular, his breadth and brevity.

The quality and amount of stuff one can learn on Powerline is impressive, too; and I don't know how Ed Morrissey does it.

I do know how James Lileks does it, and also why, but there aren't many who have the talent to match his output and quality. He's not likely to be signing on any co-bleaters, however, until Gnat is old enough to post.

I'm arthritic and arterially challenged, so I'll just putter along with the knowledge that this blog will be the only kind of journal I'll ever write. The format keeps me from writing about depression, which is not what I want to leave behind.

I've thought about writing more about religion, but I realize that I'm a bore on that as much as I am on politics. I hope that I can at least preserve a little wit and humor about life, even if it often reads like incipient senility. Thank goodness for Blogger. If I had to depend on advertising, I be stuck with paper and pencil and I'd probably burn everything.


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