Monday, April 17, 2006

The price of gas

If I read him right, Michael Barone thinks the Republican majorities will hold if they can get their base out to vote. They should ask if they can borrow Karl Rove.

On the other hand, I don't see the Democrat base ready to charge to the polls either. Of course, I'm not a psephologist. I still think the Republicans can win it if they go out and fight. If gasoline prices are the major factor behind the low polls, how could the Democrats make it any better? The only thing they know how to do is impose price controls and give us rationed gas. The higher prices, on the other hand, mean freedom from Middle Eastern oil, which appears endangered anyway if the current signs from Iran are correct. We have to decide whether we want cheap gas on our knees or stand up and pay the price. I predict that we'll get past $3.00 gas, just as we lived through the scarce gas in the late 70s, and in a few years we'll see a new oil glut, along with expanded choices among alternatives.


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