Saturday, October 28, 2006

Hugh Hewitt Show preview

The USC Trojans are coming apart in Corvallis. OSC Beavers up 33 to 10 4:45 left in the third quarter. USC has fumbled about three or four times and turned the ball over. Expect Hugh to be all over this on Tuesday. (I think Monday's show is taped.) Ohio State is running roughshod over Minnesota 30 zip.

Just as I finished the paragraph above, USC started playing and drove the ball down to the 10, but couldn't get it in, turning it over after four plays. They've still got a quarter plus 2 minutes, but Oregon State hasn't been a pushover and it's offense has run up 33 points.

Whoops, the Beavers mess up the punt and the Trojans get the ball at the OSU 15 yard line. They score! 33-17.

2 minutes left. USC has closed the lead to 8 points, 33-25. The Beavers missed a field goal from their otherwise impeccable kicker. If USC had played the whole game like they did in the last 17 minutes. It would have been no contest. Even if they win now, they ought to drop out of the top 10. They're on the 2 yard line after a pass interference call in the endzone against OSU, and they have a first down. They score with 7 seconds left. They need a 2 point conversion to tie. Nope! Oregon State tipped the pass and it hit the ground. OSU by 2 points, 33-32.

Booty has not played well. He's thrown a lot of inaccurate passes and his team has fumbled, dropped passes and generally just played badly, but still nearly pulled it out. OSU deserved it.

It also occurs that this is a sexually tinged game: I mean. the Trojans, with a QB named Booty, playing the Beavers. I guess I've just got a dirty mind.


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