Friday, October 27, 2006

Sickening Local News

Ever heard of "curbing?" Gavin Lyon, a 17-year-old is in the hospital after being beaten and "curbed" --
a violent maneuver where a person’s head is placed against a concrete curb on a street, and someone steps on the back of the head. In most cases, this procedure causes the jaw to break along with several teeth.
This isn't hazing or bullying. It's aggravated assault - a third-degree felony but probably higher. They broke his teeth and his neck. The Utah Crimincal Code includes "Mayhem." I feel the same as this boy's dad, "It's everything you can do not to go get a gun and hunt somebody down."

The 10 o'clock news also reported on a high school girl who was hit and hospitalized by street racers.

Orlando Roybal has been arrested for car theft for the third time this month, leading police on two high speed chases, one with his girlfriend and several kids with him.

I'm begining to rethink my opposition to Sharia Law.


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