Saturday, October 28, 2006

November Non-surprise

Media Matters is claiming that Saddam's verdict is timed to affect American elections. Be indignant. Be very indignant!

The MSM are pounding us with negative stories timed to affect the elections. Having had them for a month, ABC was sitting on the Foley IMs until a kid posted them on his blog and force their hand. You may wonder when they were planning to publish them.

One of the things about politics that disgusts people is the hypocrisy of each sides decrying dirty tricks by the other, while playing the very same game themselves. I saw an ad today by Jim Matheson telling how he had stood up to the Bush administration and blocked underground testing of new nukes. I'm not impressed. His father died of cancer and blamed it on the fact that he was a Downwinder, one of those in Southern Utah who were exposed to fallout from the nuclear testing in Nevada during the 1950s.


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