Thursday, October 26, 2006

New Jersey Surprises

When was it that the New Jersey courts permitted a last minute switch of candidates when Robert Toricelli tanked in the polls? If you want to know how Democrats would govern, New Jersey is a pretty good model to look at. First, its Supreme Court ruled that the State Constitution is violated when gay couples are denied the legal incidents of marriage, but knowing that an outright ruling that gay marriage is required, they handed the hot potato back to the legislature, hinting that civil unions might be all right. (For extra credit, read James Taranto's first item today.) lEverybody in the media and the blogosphere has been saying that it won't make a difference in the New Jersey Senate race, but national polls have shown that gay marriage is unpopular, and now the state's ex-governor Jim McGreevey, who resigned in a scandal when it came out that he had been having a gay affair and had given his paramour a job using state funds, is now on record as desiring to wed his "partner" if the law is changed. That might bring the meaning of that decision home to more people, including some conservatives who were planning to sit out this election. Considering that the Democrat in the race, Senator Robert Menendez, is widely aknowledged be the subject of an FBI investigation, this could help his opponent, Tom Kean, who has regained some momentum he had lost.

Actually, "New Jersey Suprises" might be a good slogan for the State's tourism board.


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