Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Stop the Killing. Hang Saddam now!

From Breaking News at the London Times:
The brother of the top prosecutor in the second trial of Saddam Hussein has been shot dead in front of his wife at his home in Baghdad, according to a key official charged with insuring no former members of the Saddam regime hold positions of authority. Imad al-Faroon died immediately after the shooting at his home in west Baghdad, Dr Ali al-Lami, head of the government De-Baathification Committee, said. Al-Faroon's brother is chief prosecutor Muqith al-Faroon, who is leading the Saddam prosecution on charges of crimes against humanity in his alleged killing of thousands of Kurds during the Iran-Iraq war.
Maybe they should postpone more due process until they can guarantee the safety of those who are expected to deliver it.

I've been having a major change in my views about what to do next in Iraq, as I posted below. I'm not sure we are quite up to emptying the oceans with a teaspoon. The complete rule of law is a luxury limited to places where judges, juries, lawyers and parties don't have to fear being killed for their participation.


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