Sunday, October 29, 2006

Times that try men's souls.

More Muslim on Muslim violence in Iraq. At times like this, I'm tempted to pull back and let Shiites and Sunnis duke it out. But I think that we need to steel our nerve and give them more time, keep training more security troops, and support a Shiite majority along the lines advocated by Sistani. We can't say how things will turn out, but we can certainly make ourselves felt if another terrorist-dictator emerges. We can't and shouldn't tell them what they must do, but we certainly can let them know what we won't allow them to do.

We've got way too many commentators telling Bush what to do and undermining his support, most of whom don't know what they're talking or writing about. Bush has a plan and he's pushing it forward. Americans should tell the media to take their sour attitude and eternal second-guessing and shove 'em.


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