Saturday, October 14, 2006

Why things look bad for the GOP

Prof. Reynolds has a list. I think he has a longer memory than most voters. I think mostly there's a lot of disgust with things generally and as the party in the majority, the GOP is the one getting hammered. Most of his reasons aren't that big a deal. I don't consider most of his list too important. His attitude is "a pox on both your houses."

I think that he's right about our political class being pretty lousy, but I doubt that they were ever much better. The problems I've had with Republicans in Congress were: 1. Tone deafness when it came to spending; 2. Lack of discipline, especially from some prima donna Senators, who seem to have be courted on every issue; 3. Tom Delay, which is really the same as no. 1, but his insensitivity to how his associations with lobbyists appeared to conservatives was annoying and irresponsible. He rightly saw his Democrat critics as hypocrites, but that isn't really an answer, is it?

Actually, I think GOP's problem is the media, but that only means the party needs to be more savvy and careful, and it really has been amateurish in that regard.


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