Monday, January 01, 2007

Getting some respect

WAC Champion Boise State is ahead of Oklahoma 28-10 in the Fiesta Bowl, although OU just got a turnover when a punt bounced into the back of a BSU player and OU pounced on it and scored, then kicked a field goal, so it's 28-20.

Last year it was Utah from the Mountain West Conference breaking the BCS velvet rope. Utah, beating Tulsa in the Armed Forces Bowl, has won 6 bowl games in a row. BYU, this year's champ of the MWC whipped up on Oregon, 38-8, in the Las Vegas bowl.

Isn't it about time for this BCS cartel to be opened up? BYU was national champion in 1984, but the BCS has locked these teams out of the big money.

Oh, and by the way, Hugh, I notice USC humbled Michigan in the Rose Bowl.

Update: Boise State weathered its own mistakes, after OU scored a late touchdown and scored 2 points to tie the game. In the last minute or so, Boise threw an interception which the Sooners ran back for a touchdown. But in the time remaining, BSU scored again and tied the game. In overtime, OU handed the ball to Adrian Peterson and scored quickly. Then BSU had to match it or lose. The Broncos brought the ball down the field and scored 6. On the extra point, they set up for a normal kick, but it was a fake, with a twist. They used a Statue of Liberty play, with the QB pump-faking a pass to the right, but handing off to a runner to the left who scored two points, winning by one point. They took the best of the Sooners and then answered it twice.

That's what happens to teams who think they're too good for their opponents. OU was supposed to win by 21 points, but it took them a while to realize they were in a real game. They showed power and poise, where BSU made some mistakes that reflected inexperience in a national bowl, but in the end, the underdogs made them pay. Best game of the bowls, so far.


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