Tuesday, July 13, 2010


The NAACP is about to adopt a resolution calling the Tea Party movement racist. Its members ought to re-examine themselves. I think they'd find the same kind of knee-jerk rejection of whites that they claim racists feel toward them. They should remember that racism works both ways. It's really kind of sad that African Americans have allowed themselves to become pigeonholed this way and vote for one party regardless of whether its policies are good or bad for them.

In-your-facists! The St. Louis Tea Party has passed its own resolution condemning NAACP racism.

The resolution says that the Tea Parties "harbor elements who are bigoted." By that standard, I think the NAACP surely includes racists and bigots, as well. Does that make it a racist organization, not necessarily? Well, given what the name is "the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People," you'd have to say that it IS racist. I just watched an NAACP representative on Fox debate this with one from a Texas Tea Party organization. The NAACP representative could not hold his tongue. He kept repeating his talking points over the hostess, Megyn Kelly, and the Tea Party spokesman.

I don't believe the Tea Party movement is racist. I think that the idea of "advancing colored people" is racist, but in the past, it may have been justified. In some cases, it's probably justified today, but as civil rights for blacks have advanced, the NAACP seems to have become more shrill, unreasonable and more racist.
It's also become a pawn of the Democratic Party, which really is not in the interest of the "advancement of coloured people."


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