Thursday, July 15, 2010

What can you do about fraudulent elections?

The Al Franken recount reversal of the 2008 Minnesota Senatorial Campaign is coming under scrutiny, but even if it could be proven that he wasn't legally elected, I don't think anything could be done about it now. Would we have to reverse all his votes where Coleman would have voted differently? No.

That's why Republicans and others must stand up against laws that make vote fraud easier, including the refusals to enforce immigration laws. I bear Mexican-Americans or any other legal immigrant citizens no animus, but they of all people should be anxious not to have the privileges of U. S. citizenship diluted by creeps who are willing to do anything to win. Right now, that means Democrats. If it isn't stopped, Republicans will have no option but to play by the same rules, and that will really destroy our system.


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