Friday, July 16, 2010

Who is more racist?While there may be some racist individuals in the tea party movement, they are few and far between. Calling the movement "racist" on the basis of that, is slanderous in my view. The NAACP is racist in its very nature, since it's "for the Advancement of Colored People." That was all well and good at a time when "colored people" were being deliberately and systematically deprived of their civil rights. But now the system has reversed itself to create deliberate and systematic discrimination in favor of colored people in the name of affirmative action, a misnomer. It would be more properly called "payback." That aside, the tea party is not about race, but about spending, taxes and the increasing arrogance of elected officials. This is not a reaction to Barack Obama's, or anyone else's, race, but to the policies he and his party have adopted, which now threaten to bankrupt this nation. I'm sure there are African Americans who think that would only be fair, but they should reflect on that, because when the nation can't pay its debts, they'll suffer too. The rich will always have ways to move their wealth where it can't be touched. Those who aren't rich, not so much.


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