Thursday, May 19, 2011

I really hate food activists!
A consumer advocacy group claims it's time for Ronald McDonald to go, saying the nation's largest fast-food chain's "Chief Happiness Officer" has too much influence on kids, the Chicago Tribune reported.

Corporate Accountability International [CAI]plans to hold nearly two dozen events at McDonald's restaurants and at colleges around the country Wednesday as it announces the contents of its report on Ronald McDonald, the Tribune reported.
CAI sounds like just another liberal attack dog against business and profits. Americans control their own lives, not these scolds. They provide ready- made news events for lazy reporters to show on local TV, making it look like there are more of them than there are.

This follows on the FDA proposal to eliminate potatoes from American diets, particularly from school lunches. The USDA promotes agricultural products, so now the FDA wants to expand its fiefdom into food choices. It wouldn't be so bad if these "experts" had proven right in the past, but they haven't. Today I saw a report that avoiding sodium can be bad for your heart. They used to say to avoid eggs, fats and butter. Now all three are recommended in reasonable amounts.


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