Monday, October 03, 2011

The smart, the dumb and the lunkhead. Apparently, Obama really believes that we can ignore our vast oil and gas resources without hurting our economy. He thinks that we'll switch over to electric cars in 5 years, so why bother? And the opportunity for well paying jobs and a massive boost to our economy doesn't seem to have ever crossed his mental threshold. He's never asked himself where all the electricity to charge all these hypothetical car batteries will come from, not to mention how long it will take for 330 million people to junk their old cars and buy new electric ones that cost three times what they can afford. I'm not an engineer or economist, but this is disturbing. He's absolutely ignorant AND shallow. We're importing huge amounts of oil from Canada, to the point where it would justify building a pipeline from Canada to Texas. Yet we have reserves of oil shale and natural gas. When my father died, my mother went into a depression. When I'd go to see her in the evening, she'd be sitting in her house with the lights off, and the furnace off in mid October. I'd ask her why the house was cold and she said she was too poor. She said her food was all gone, but when I looked in her fridge, she had more food than she could eat in a month, and a freezer compartment stuffed with frozen meat. My mother had an excuse: mental illness. Obama has no excuse.


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