Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Well, I watched the much maligned Romney Interview with Bret Baier and while it wasn't his finest hour, I didn't find it as big a fumble as others have. I do think that many of the charges against Mitt are based on statements taken out of context or twisted to justify false claims against him. He made a good point in stating that if he were really a flip-flopper, he would have disowned the Massachusetts health care law that he helped pass. At the time, it should be remembered, there were quite a few conservatives supporting an individual mandate. As he points out, Gingrich has changed his positions on mandated health insurance and on Cap and Trade and been allowed to dismiss them as mistakes. It must be galling to have to deal with such a double standard. Newt claims a religious conversion, which would be fine with me if I had seen more evidence of one than just his saying so. His lavish spending and "consulting" fees have occurred during his present marriage, and who knows how a return to being a big shot in Washington would affect him, or, at nearly age 70 when he would take office, what the stresses of the job would do to his health? I'm becoming more and more convinced that there is more anti-Mormonism at work than people are willing to admit. It certainly doesn't show up in polls, but there has been a concerted campaign of preaching among evangelicals that the LDS religion is not Christian, but a "cult." All that one needs to play that card about them is to mention the word "Christian," as Huckabee so subtly did in 2008. In the end, he only succeeded in cancelling out Romney and getting John McCain nominated.


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