Thursday, January 26, 2012

Gingich is dropping again as quickly as he rose. That's twice that Newt has surged and then ebbed. Newt is exactly the kind of guy the tea parties are aimed at. To hear people describing themselves as wanting to overthrow the Washington establishment and then promoting Newt Gingrich is just eery. Where were they during the '90s. He's got a problem that gives him great ambition and grandiose thinking. In his case it was useful, until he achieved his ambition and began to think he was beyond the ethics that everyone else is bound by. That's why I wasn't shocked by Marianne's story about "you have to share me." It sounded just like something I would have expected from him. It's also why, after having been in the lead and then losing it, he lost his resolve to keep his campaign free from negative campaigning. That in itself would not have been out of normal. What was not normal was the depth of his anger at being brooked and his reaction, going to populist attacks on capitalism. That's not a conservative or even a Republican argument. This is why partisanship has to be kept under control. We want to win because we're right, not just to win, which is what seems to be driving Newt.


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