Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Someone should tell Jon Stewart to "shut the f_ck up about" Fox News' comments about Bill Mahr's obscene rants about Republican women. Since I never watch either of them, they don't bother me, but when you're as sensitive as the left has been to Rush Limbaugh, they should learn not to dish it out if they can't take it. It's a free country and what Limbaugh said was about Sandra Fluke was mild in comparison with the left's profanity toward conservatives. So, talk to the crotch, Jon. As a side matter, I find it alarming how many conservatives and religious commentators are subscribers to HBO and Showtime. If you want to get Bill Mahr's attention, quit paying for his show, dummies! It's not an excuse that you don't watch his show if you're subscribing to his network. He boasts that he has no sponsors to listen to. You are his sponsors!


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