Thursday, June 13, 2002

Hereand here are two reports on the roach motel in reverse that is Saudi Arabia. The roaches bring you in, but they don't allow you to leave, if you're a woman. It's not much different from slavery. If women want to be Muslims and submit to Sharia law that's fine, but apparently a Saudi father can take his children there and they can never leave, even after they reach adulthood.

This should be a serious diplomatic issue, but the State Department won't address it. "For 16 years, the Saudi desk at the State Department has told [Pat Roush. the mother of two daughters taken there 16 years ago,] 'Let's look at this from a Saudi's point of view.' " How long will we keep making excuses for this sad excuse for a nation?
William McGurn, who reported the first of the above links, was on the Fox News Channel's Special Report with Brit Hume.

President Bush needs to call up the Arabian ambassador and make it clear that unless all of our citizens who want to come home are allowed to do so, the Saudis will be added to the Axis of Evil.


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